About Us

Welcome to citizenarnet aktivstad.net

The citizen network aktivstad.net is a meeting place where all ore residents have the opportunity for information, communication, participation and influence.

Through the citizen network, you get access to information about the society, association life, culture, pleasure and more. You choose what you want to get involved in, regardless of age, background, and where you are.

What should we do for our local environment? Who wins the Allsvenskan this year? How can we influence our everyday lives? Join and discuss with other members and share other people’s opinions, tips and ideas.

You can also take the opportunity to ask direct questions to your local politician or submit a motion over the national network.

For more information on what opportunities the citizen network provides for you, click on the menu at the top of the page.

To become a member of the national network for free, click on join in the menu on the right. You can also use the quick links in the menu to look into the web without logging in.