How to Play Blackjack

Learning how to play Blackjack may seem complicated, but in reality, it is a relatively simple card game. Whether you have never participated in a game or if you want to refresh the rules, in this article, you will discover the most important rules for playing online Blackjack or in a physical casino 96ace.

Blackjack Objective

The objective of Blackjack is very simple: each player has to win the bank. To do this, you have to get the cards in your hand to add a higher number than the dealer, never exceeding the figure of 21.

In general, Blackjack is a game in which it doesn’t matter at all that other players do. To win a game, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • That the player has a hand with a value greater than that of the dealer.
  • That the dealer exceeds 21 in his hand.
  • That the player gets 21 with his first two cards, and the dealer does not.

On the contrary, the situations in which a player loses a game of Blackjack are the following:

  • When you get a hand with a value greater than 21.
  • When you don’t reach 21, but the dealer has a higher hand.

Values ​​of the cards in Blackjack

To play Blackjack online or in a casino, a 52-card French deck is used. The cards are used regardless of the suit to which they belong, each of them having the following values:

  • The number of cards has its own value. For example, two is worth two points.
  • The figure cards (jack, queen and king) are worth ten points.
  • The ace can be worth either one point or eleven, as it suits the player.

Game Structure

Each game starts with the player betting a certain amount of money. Normally, online or real-world casinos set a minimum in this regard, which may vary depending on the type of game being carried out.

After this, the dealer distributes two cards face up to each player, and one face down, and another one discovered to himself. If a player has failed to make Blackjack in the initial cast (having a card worth ten and an ace), he can perform any of the following actions:

  • Plant: If you are satisfied with your initial letters.
  • Ask for a card: You can order as many cards as you wish provided that the total sum of the hand is below 21. If 21 is exceeded at any time, the dealer will withdraw both the cards and the chips placed, and the game will be over.
  • Double: If the player is very satisfied with his initial hand, he can double his bet, in which case he can only ask for an extra card.
  • Separate: If the two initial cards have the same value, the player can separate them into two independent hands, adding a second bet equal to the initial bet for the second hand.

Once the player has planted, provided he has not exceeded 21 points, the dealer will reveal the card that was face down. If your two initials total 17 or more, it will be planted automatically; but if you are under 16, cards will be dealt until you reach or exceed this amount.

At the end of this process, each player who continues in the game and has a higher hand than the dealer will charge an amount of money as high as the one he had initially bet.

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