International NGOs Working For Welfare On Children

An international NGO is that non-governmental and non-profit organization that works worldwide with projects to guarantee common interest and well-being, especially in less favoured environments.

There are international NGOs that are actively working to change the serious situation that many children still suffer today.

An estimated 66 million children go to primary school hungry in developing countries, of which 23 million are in Africa. In that sense, international NGOs are essential to fight against such situations. Do you know how they do it? Let’s meet some international NGO projects that work for children:

Save The Children

Save The Children was born in 1919 by the hand of Eglantyne Jebb with the aim of helping refugee and displaced children in Europe after the First World War. He currently works in 120 countries with the firm objective of ensuring that his rights are protected and that they have the same opportunities in all places.


UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund in the world, always works to protect the rights of children. One of its flagship projects, “UNICEF Challenge “, seeks to reduce infant mortality. In other words: at the time there is no child exploitation or abuse of a child when there is no infant mortality, or the day when every child can access a decent education, this NGO may disappear. Do you join their challenge? If so, you should know that unfortunately 17,000 children still die today due to lack of vaccines and health resources, malnutrition or lack of access to drinking water. Therefore, UNICEF is currently working in 190 countries around the world to protect the rights of children.

SOS Children’s Villages

Through its protection program “SOS Children’s Villages”, this NGO helps children who, for various reasons, cannot live with their parents, live in a family environment with an educator. Family value and child protection are the keys to this initiative. This NGO notes that more than 7 million Syrian children urgently require humanitarian assistance. The SOS Children’s Villages Emergency Response Program works to guarantee their rights and restore the dignity that the armed conflict stole from them.

Global Humanitarian

It works to favour and protects the rights of children, promoting projects that guarantee their food, education and health, as well as promoting the development of the most vulnerable communities or serving children affected by wars. He currently carries out projects in countries such as Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Guatemala, Jordan and Peru.

Children without Borders

Children are one of the most vulnerable social groups in situations of war, natural disasters, poverty or lack of economic resources. This NGO, founded in 1998, works by sensitizing citizens to unite around the struggle for children’s rights and to offer the necessary help to improve their living conditions and eradicate the inequality that affects them. Hence its work to ensure the correct feeding of children from families with few resources in developing countries where they work, such as Bolivia, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Niger, Dominican Republic, Sahara and Sri Lanka.

Childhood requires special protection, and that is why international NGOs are working hard, although, in truth, the ideal would be that their task ceases to be necessary and that the rights of children are guaranteed in the world.

The collaboration of people like you, committed and willing to make this world a more just and livable place is essential. Start working so that no child is left without childhood!

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